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Welcome Chad DePue as VP of Engineering

March 08, 2022

By Chad DePue

The promise of crypto has fascinated me for years. In 2010, I was living in South America and saw early on that it could not only make the transfer of value much easier but also revolutionize the world for the better. Still, I never found the right opportunity to follow through on that passion in a professional capacity – until now. I couldn’t be more excited to be joining Uniswap Labs as VP of Engineering.

At Snap, I led engineering for several of the most popular in-app experiences, including Games, Snap Minis, Music and Messaging, which connects hundreds of millions of our users to one another every day. I also helped build out the Developer Tools team, which empowers developers to build delightful and immersive experiences within their own applications, and the Abuse team to ensure our users could enjoy using Snap safely. In each of these areas we built thinking first and foremost about the needs of the user, many of whom lead very different lives. This kind of thinking will be required for web3 to reach its full transformative potential.

There are two big reasons why I’m so excited to join the Uniswap Labs team. The first is Hayden. When you meet Hayden, you quickly realize he’s one of those rare people with the vision and intelligence required to make a huge impact, and the determination and humility to do the hard work to get there. He’s committed to building things that are good for society and building them the right way. Uniswap Labs’ values are putting people first, building to last, and collaborating with an open and motivated community. Strong leadership from people like Hayden, grounded in an inclusive vision and moral commitment, will be crucial for web3 to reach the next wave of users.

The second reason is the endless opportunity that lies before us in web3. A lot of infrastructure still needs to be built. I’ve spent years building developer tools with innovators and creators and enjoy the challenge of bringing products from zero to one. Uniswap may be a household name for crypto-natives, but the broader culture is just getting to know us. Each of us wants to make an impact with our work, but innovators in web3 today have an opportunity to affect entire industries – and the world.

I couldn’t be more thrilled to bring my experience building simple, secure, and seamless products (including mobile 👀) to the Uniswap Labs team.

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