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Zora is Now Live on Uniswap
June 25, 2024

Uniswap users can now swap and provide liquidity on Zora Network with the Uniswap interface and in the latest version of the Uniswap mobile app.

Uniswap on Zora Network

Zora Network is an L2 built on the open-source OP Stack, and is part of the Superchain. Designed to help bring media onchain, Zora Network provides swappers and LPs with lower gas costs and faster swaps compared to Ethereum mainnet.

Swapping and LPing on Zora Network

To use Uniswap on Zora Network, navigate to app.uniswap.org, select the network button, and choose Zora Network. Zora Network support is also live on the Uniswap mobile app for swapping on-the-go.

Swap on Zora

Providing Liquidity on Zora Network

Users can now also provide liquidity on Zora Network with the Uniswap interface on Uniswap v2 and Uniswap v3. Visit app.uniswap.org/pool and select New Position; from there, you can choose the token pair you’d like to LP.

LP on Zora

NFT Support in the Uniswap Wallet

Along with Zora Network support in the Uniswap interface and mobile wallet, we’ve also rolled out support for Zora Network NFTs in the Uniswap mobile app. So you can easily view your NFTs across networks in the wallet – including Zora Network, Base, Optimism, and more.

Zora Network is live now

We’re partnering with Layer3 on a Quest for swappers and LPs on Zora Network. Users can earn CUBEs and XP while swapping and LPing on Zora Network using the Uniswap interface. Learn more about the Quest.

To celebrate the launch, Uniswap Labs is doing a commemorative mint on Zora Network. Mint here.