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Five Reasons You’ll Love the Uniswap Mobile App
May 04, 2023

A few weeks ago, we announced the Uniswap mobile app --- the safest and simplest self-custody wallet in Web3 on iOS and Android. The Uniswap wallet has grown to tens of thousands of swappers as a top wallet in the iOS app store. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive as people appreciate the friendly design, security, and swap UI.

You need a wallet to do just about anything onchain --- swap, buy NFTs, and purchase crypto. So we wanted to share a few reasons why you'll love using the Uniswap wallet to trade tokens, collect NFTs, and navigate Web3.

1. The best swap experience

When it comes to swapping, Uniswap is the gold standard. The mobile app brings our swap experience to a native mobile app that feels fast and fresh.

You can trade any token available on Uniswap across multiple chains: Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum. To trade on an L2 network, simply select an L2 token and the swap form will instantly fetch a quote on that network. The app will authorize the transaction using Face ID or Touch ID and then, once the swap settles onchain, you’ll receive a real-time push notification for the completed swap.

2. Search Web3

You can search for any token, NFT collection, ENS name, or wallet address. It’s the easiest way to discover new wallets and assets.

Token search displays important information like swapping volume, market cap, and historical price activity. NFT search reveals floor prices, trading volume, and collection details to help you find the perfect NFT. Search lets you explore the activity and assets of another wallet.

When you find yourself frequently checking a token or wallet, you can favorite it for easy access. The Uniswap mobile app is a great tool for exploring Web3 on the go.


3. Explore NFT collections

Uniswap mobile app is the best way to find the perfect NFT.

Not only can you search for NFTs – you can browse every item in a collection. You’ll find the artwork, floor price, and 24hr volume on the collection page. If an NFT catches your eye, you can click in to see the last sale price and current owner. From there you can hop into the owner’s profile to see what other NFTs they own.

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4. WalletConnect to multiple apps simultaneously

WalletConnect allows you to connect with other web3 apps in a browser. What makes the Uniswap app unique is that you can connect to multiple apps on different chains at the same time.

In other words, you can use Lido on Ethereum mainnet, Aave on Polygon, and Uniswap on Arbitrum without switching between networks or disconnecting. If you want to disconnect, you can manage all your app connections in the settings page.

5. Spam filtering and safety warnings

There are a lot of tokens out there, but they're not equally reputable or safe. The Uniswap app protects you through spam filters and safety warnings.

By default, Uniswap app applies a spam filter to 'hide' unknown tokens in your portfolio. This is useful to declutter spam airdrops that you didn't purchase and let you focus on the tokens you chose to buy. Don't worry though, you're still in full control and can see every token in your wallet, including spam,  in the 'Hidden' section. You can un-hide those tokens by turning off the 'Unknown tokens' toggle in Settings.

Token warning labels also help you make safe and informed decisions while trading or browsing tokens. The Uniswap app will label lesser-known tokens with a yellow or red label when appropriate. This is a sign for you to research before trading a token.

These five features are just the tip of the iceberg that is the Uniswap mobile app. There's so much left to discover, like the fiat onramp, iCloud backup, open source repo, and more.

Get Uniswap in your pocket by downloading it from the app store, and share your feedback on Discord.

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