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Uniswap on Android
November 14, 2023

We're excited to bring Uniswap to everyone's pocket with the release of Uniswap on Android. The Uniswap app first launched on iOS in April and in less than a month became a top 3 wallet for new downloads. Now, we're bringing a  simpler and safer way to swap on the go to Android users. Download the app here.

An app built for swapping on Android

Getting the details right is important to us. Over the past few months, we’ve meticulously adapted Uniswap to Android to match the same swapping experience that millions have on Uniswap.

The Uniswap app is thoughtfully built for the perfect swap: discovering top tokens, automatically switching between Mainnet and L2s, and swapping in a fraction of a second. Over the past few months, we’ve doubled down on what we think makes a great swap. We’ve shipped updates every other week to make swapping faster and added more tokens and chains to swap on.

Dead simple swaps on L2s

The next wave of user adoption will happen on chains with cheaper and faster transactions. That's why we've made it dead simple to swap on L2s. Swappers don't even need to switch between these chains. Just select a token and the Uniswap app will automatically detect the chain and switch to it. Swap on Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and now Base and BNBChain with more to come.

Protect your swaps

The best swaps are fast and have unbeatable prices. Sometimes, swaps and other onchain activities are subject to frontrunning and sandwich attacks, which can affect the price you get. That's why we've added swap protection to the Uniswap app. Swaps on the mobile app will now default to a private transaction pool to protect them from MEV and give you better prices.


Transparent pricing

There shouldn't be any surprises with swapping. Swaps should be transparent, just like blockchains. Some tokens take a fee when you swap in, out, or both. Without a clear token standard, these fees are often hidden and swappers get fewer tokens than they were expecting.

We rolled out an update to automatically spot these tokens and show them in our mobile app and web interface. Just one more way to make swaps simpler.


Get started with Uniswap on Android

We're excited to bring the power of Uniswap to Android. Over the past month, thousands of beta testers were instrumental in improving the swap experience. Today, we're releasing our open-sourced and audited Uniswap app for anyone to download. Head over to the Google Play Store to download the app to swap on the safest and most battle-tested protocol in DeFi.

Check out our Help Center content if you have questions. As always, share your feedback with us on Discord!

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