Uniswap Labs Blog

A Better Uniswap(ping) Experience
November 16, 2023

Over the past few weeks, we’ve rolled out several updates to our web app and mobile app to improve your swap experience. That means more options, better prices, and faster swaps – all on the most trusted Protocol in DeFi. We're excited to share the latest with you.

Faster swaps

Step one in swapping is getting a quote. We’ve reduced our quote times to a fraction of a second with some back-end caching and parallel processing. With a snappy quote in hand, swappers can submit their transaction with one less click.


Better fee on transfer token support

Fee on transfer (FoT) tokens take a fee when you swap in, out, or both. Because FoT tokens don’t follow a specific standard, swaps often fail or require higher slippage, which opens them up to frontrunning and sandwich attacks. We’ve built a custom detector on both web and mobile that automatically detects FoT tokens, displays the token fee to swappers, and adjusts slippage to include the fee. All this works to prevent failed transactions and better protect swaps from MEV.


Swap protection

As an added layer of security, we've added swap protection to the Uniswap app to protect you from people trying to profit from your swaps. Attempts to frontrun or sandwich swaps from the Uniswap app can lead to failed transactions or bad prices. Swap protection sends your swaps to a private transaction pool, protecting them from these types of attacks. You can always turn off swap protection in settings.


Refreshed look

To top off our swap UX changes, we’ve also given our mobile and web swap interface a refreshed look. Swapping is one of the most common onchain actions and our look should be equally simple, intuitive, and safe. Our new design language marries high-contrast colors with a legible typeface to make your swaps look and feel smoother.


We're eager to hear your feedback and refine the Uniswap swap experience. Reach out to us on Twitter or Discord.