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More Options to Go Direct to DeFi: Transfer from CEX
May 16, 2024

Uniswap Labs is making it simple to transfer crypto from centralized exchanges to the Uniswap self-custody wallet. With the new ‘Transfer from centralized exchange’ functionality, you can transfer money from Coinbase and Robinhood to your Uniswap mobile app in a few clicks. No more copy-pasting or sending funds to the wrong address.

Receive Crypto from CEX

Go direct to DeFi

Research shows that about 65% of Uniswap interface users have used a CEX prior to their first swap on Uniswap. But transferring funds from a CEX to a crypto wallet (like the Uniswap mobile app) can be confusing. Between copy-pasting 0x addresses and making sure you’re on the right network, funds can easily be sent to the wrong place.

That’s why we’re excited to add ‘Transfer from CEX’ functionality into the Uniswap mobile app. Making it easy for users to simply and safely transfer crypto from their centralized exchange accounts to the Uniswap mobile app.

How to transfer crypto from a CEX to the Uniswap mobile app

Transfer from CEX

Transferring crypto from a centralized exchange to the Uniswap mobile app is simple:

  1. Select the ‘Receive Crypto’ icon in the Uniswap mobile app (make sure you’re on the latest version)
  2. Choose your provider (currently available for Coinbase Pay and Robinhood Connect)
  3. Select the asset you want to transfer to the Uniswap mobile app
  4. Confirm the transfer

And that’s it!

The future of fiat onramping

We believe users should be able to choose their fiat onramp provider. That’s why we’re constantly adding new providers to the Uniswap mobile app. Whether that’s Coinbase, Moonpay, Robinhood Connect, Transak, or other onramp providers (varies by region).

To get started, download the Uniswap mobile app today.