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Introducing uni.eth – Your Unique Web3 Username
February 22, 2024

Today we’re excited to launch uni.eth — your unique web3 username. Turn your 0x address into a readable username that's supported across web3. Users can now claim their uni.eth username for free in the Uniswap mobile app.

Transform your 0x address into a readable username

0x addresses are clunky and hard to read, making for a less-than-ideal user experience. Usernames change that, giving users a human-readable onchain address that’s easy to remember and use across web3. Users can claim their uni.eth usernames for free in the Uniswap mobile app – making getting started onchain that much easier.

Feature callout: uni.eth in mobile app

Supported everywhere in web3

uni.eth usernames are built on ENS infrastructure, using ENS subdomains – so they’re supported across the thousands of apps that support ENS names, even outside of Uniswap products.

Customizable profile

Beyond just a username – when you claim your uni.eth username in the Uniswap mobile app, you can also customize your public profile. Add personality to your wallet by choosing an avatar, adding your bio, and linking socials. So when anyone looks up your uni.eth username, they’ll see more than just a 0x address. Customizability is completely optional.

How to claim your uni.eth

Claiming your uni.eth username is free and easy. Note that your uni.eth can only be claimed in the Uniswap mobile app (download the mobile app here). Existing users will be prompted to claim their uni.eth with the latest app update. Alternatively, users can navigate to Settings within the Uniswap mobile app, select the address they’d like their uni.eth to be associated with, select Nickname, and select Claim a Username.

Claim your uni.eth username today →