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Uniswap Labs’ Commitment to Privacy
November 11, 2022

Web2 and web3 contrast philosophically across many lines, like censorship, security, and ownership. One crucial difference between the two is privacy. Ahead of several exciting upcoming releases, we’ve released Uniswap Labs’ Privacy Policy to explain how we protect user privacy and data.

With innovations around blockchain, web3 aims to reclaim users’ privacy and choice after decades of internet businesses that have eroded it. Uniswap Labs shares these values and is working to be a leader in this effort. That’s why we’re releasing a new Privacy Policy today – we want to be crystal clear about what data we’re protecting and how we use any data we collect. Transparency is key. We never want our users to be surprised.

What's our commitment to privacy?

First and foremost, we do not collect and store personal data, such as first name, last name, street address, date of birth, email address, or IP address.

We are committed to making iterative improvements to our privacy and security practices. For example, we recently released a reverse proxy server that sits between user devices and any third-party tool. This prevents third-party tools from reading user data, adding an additional layer of protection.

We will continue to apply these policies to existing and future Uniswap Labs products.

What data do we collect and why?

Our first priority is to protect user data and privacy while also making data-driven decisions that improve user experience. That includes public on-chain data and limited off-chain data like device type, browser version, etc. Because Uniswap Labs does not collect personal data, any vendors we work with do not have any personal data either.

Uniswap does not share your data with any third parties for marketing purposes.

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