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Uniswap Labs is Acquiring Crypto: The Game
June 10, 2024

We’re excited to announce that Uniswap Labs has acquired Crypto: The Game (CTG) — the interactive, onchain survival game. As part of this acquisition, the CTG team will join Uniswap Labs to continue their work on the highly anticipated Season 3. The team will also experiment with onchain activations for the Uniswap community.

Leveling Up Onchain Experiences

It’s been a busy year for Uniswap Labs. We shipped UniswapX, submitted v4 for security audits, launched the Uniswap Wallet, added support for more chains, and we still have more in store. Our goal is simple: to build products that offer the best onchain experiences for our users. That's why we're so delighted to welcome CTG to Uniswap Labs.

Launched as an interactive onchain game, the first two seasons of CTG lit up Crypto Twitter. Each season, contestants bought in with 0.1 ETH, joined tribes, participated in daily challenges, and voted each other out over ten-day seasons until one person won the entire pot. The game was full of surprises – and we’re excited for the team to explore new consumer crypto experiences as part of Uniswap.

Season 3 is Coming

Don’t worry CTG fans, the game isn’t going anywhere. New themes, twists and onchain features lie ahead. We can’t say too much on what’s in store, but we feel confident it’ll be the best season yet.

Where to Follow Along

The best place to stay up-to-date on all things CTG is still the CTG Twitter and Farcaster. And make sure to follow @Uniswap on Twitter for product updates and news.