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Welcome Jon Fink Isaksen as Head of Policy, EU
December 05, 2022

By Jon Fink Isaksen

I am a firm believer in technology and financial innovation as tools for societal good.

I have spent my career working in government promoting an open approach that enables responsible innovation -- from establishing the Danish financial regulator's innovation hub and regulatory sandbox, to drafting and negotiating digital asset regulation for Europe at the European Commission. Now, as Head of Policy for Europe, Middle East, and Africa at Uniswap Labs, I am excited to continue this work at the very forefront of financial innovation.

A report recently supported by the European Commission notes that the "openness and transparency [of DeFi] bear promises to remove threats of abusive market power, promote innovation and facilitate financial inclusion." The transparency of DeFi will solve many of the information asymmetries that plague centralized financial systems. DeFi has the potential to "alleviate demand-side concerns such as financial exclusion, market manipulation and opacity."

DeFi allows users to have complete control over their assets, without relinquishing custodial control of assets to intermediaries. DeFi can be used by anyone with a smartphone and internet connection, opening the doors of the financial system to those who have been historically shut out of it.

While DeFi solves many of the problems in traditional and centralized digital asset markets, ensuring that all DeFi is safe and secure is a top priority. After developing a Protocol that has never seen a significant hack despite over $1.2 trillion in volume, Uniswap Labs has a valuable perspective in pursuit of that goal. We are well-positioned to make the idea of a more inclusive digital financial system a market reality and make it safe -- and possible -- for consumers to transact with each other, and I am incredibly excited to be part of the journey with a team that shares this mission.

I look forward to engaging with policymakers, regulators, and industry participants globally and finding ways to mitigate potential risks and empower consumers and build a safe and inclusive digital financial system.

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