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Buy NFTs with any ERC20 token
February 22, 2023

Since we launched NFTs on Uniswap, we've been working to create a more unified experience between NFTs and ERC-20s. Starting today, buyers can purchase NFTs on Uniswap with any ERC20 token and sellers will still receive their listing token.

NFTs are typically priced in ETH, but this can present some difficulties:

  • Not everyone has enough ETH in their wallet. Swapping an ERC20 into W/ETH solely for purchasing an NFT is an avoidable step.
  • Pricing out ETH needed to purchase an NFT and pay for gas can be inexact, leaving behind a dusting of ETH.

This feature is made possible by our new Universal Router contract, which, for the first time, unifies token and NFT trades into a flexible and gas-optimized swap router. Universal Router finds the most cost-efficient route to trade your inputted ERC20 token for the purchase token, such as ETH, then settles the trade through Opensea's Seaport -- a marketplace protocol for swapping ERC721s and ERC1155s.

Our v1 supports single input tokens --- meaning NFTs can be purchased with one ERC20 token --- and our next release will support multiple input tokens. In other words, today you can purchase two Froggy Friends with 500 DAI. And soon you'll be able to purchase two Froggy Friends with 0.1 ETH and 275 DAI.


By bringing ERC20s and NFTs closer together, we're exploring what digital ownership and exchange can make possible. We've already seen some projects test these boundaries with projects like Treasure DAO that price their assets exclusively in MAGIC. We expect to see more creative intersections of ERC20s and NFTs in the future.

As projects experiment with pricing digital assets in currencies other than ETH, they can execute those trades using Uniswap's Universal Router. Try it out yourself! Head over to app.uniswap.org/#/nfts and buy an NFT with any ERC20 token.

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