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Gm, NFT Frens - Uniswap Labs Has Acquired Genie
June 21, 2022

In pursuit of our mission to unlock universal ownership and exchange, today we're expanding our products to include both ERC-20s and NFTs. We’re excited to announce that we’ve acquired Genie, the first NFT marketplace aggregator, which lets anyone discover and trade NFTs across most platforms.

NFTs will be integrated into our products, starting with the Uniswap web app, where soon you’ll be able to buy and sell NFTs across all major marketplaces. We’ll also integrate NFTs into our developer APIs and widgets, making Uniswap a comprehensive platform for users and builders in web3.

This isn’t our first foray into NFTs. In Spring 2019, we launched Unisocks, the first instance of NFT liquidity pools, and of NFTs backed by real world assets. Our work on Uniswap v3 NFT positions helped pioneer on-chain generative SVGs. We see NFTs as another format for value in the growing digital economy—not a separate ecosystem from ERC20s—and they’re already an important gateway to web3.

Consistent with the web3 ethos, we’re sharing some of the value with historical Genie users through a USDC airdrop. The airdrop will launch in August and be claimable for up to 12 months, based on a snapshot that has already been taken. Stay tuned for more details.

As the world’s largest decentralized exchange protocol, Uniswap is a simple and safe place to access the benefits of digital ownership, offering deeper liquidity than leading centralized exchanges. We’re excited to bring what we’ve learned building DeFi products to NFTs, giving even more people access to digital ownership and value.


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This acquisition was made by Uniswap Labs and has no impact on the Uniswap Protocol, Uniswap Governance, or the UNI token. Genie users will continue to have uninterrupted service to the Genie website until the new Uniswap NFT experience is available.

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