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All New Uniswap Extension and More Tools for Users to Swap Smarter
February 27, 2024

Today we’re excited to announce three new releases to help users swap smarter: the Uniswap Extension, Limit Orders, and Data & Insights.

Since the beginning, we’ve focused on building products to help users swap anytime, anywhere on the web. A lot has changed since we first launched – the Uniswap Protocol has powered almost $2 trillion in swap volume, helping millions of users swap onchain through both our web and mobile app – and now, we’re expanding our product suite even further.

With enhancements to the Uniswap platform, we aren’t just helping people swap – we’re helping them swap smarter with a unified platform that enables faster, safer, more informed swapping.

Introducing the Uniswap Extension

Between pop-ups and easy-to-lose transaction windows, extensions just aren’t easy to use. That’s why we’re excited to expand Uniswap’s wallet offering with the Uniswap Extension.

Uniswap Extension

The Uniswap Extension is the first wallet extension to live in your browser’s sidebar, persisting no matter where you are on the web. So you can swap, sign transactions, and send or receive crypto without obstructing your window or losing your place.

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Choose your price with Limit Orders

Buy and sell tokens at your price, on your terms, without having to watch the market – with Limit Orders, now live on the Uniswap web app.

Place Limit Order

Users can place a Limit Order for any token on the Uniswap interface, with any predefined price and duration, up to a year, on Ethereum. If the market for that token reaches the specified price, the swap executes. If it does not reach the specified price within the set timeframe, the swap expires and is never executed. This feature provides users with the ability to execute trades automatically at their desired price, without needing to constantly watch the market.

Limit Orders are powered by UniswapX, so they cost zero gas to place and execute.

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Charts charts charts

For those who thrive on information, speed, and precision – we’ve added updated Token Detail Pages and all new Pool Detail Pages directly into the web app.

Swap in Page

Now integrated fully into the interface, these real-time charts, transaction logs, pool data, and project information bring data and insights into your swapping flow. These pages aren’t just built for research. Users can also swap, buy, send, and place a limit order directly from these pages – making the entire process, from research to execution, seamless.

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Start swapping smarter

The new Uniswap Extension, Limit Orders, and fully integrated Token Detail Pages and Pool Detail Pages expand the Uniswap product suite to create a seamlessly integrated platform for all the ways you swap.

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